Our solutions will revolutionise your operations. You will have an online and eCommerce presence that will improve

  • Your customer's experience - by providing them with a 24-hour shopping service.

  • Your organisation's operational performance - by streamlining your activities and providing real business analytics and insights.

  • Your organisation's financial outcome - by reducing your cost through automation.

  • Your organisation's security - by removing cash on site.


For Schools

  • Delivers affordable online solutions for small, medium, large Schools, P&Cs and Sports Organizations. Our solutions put you in control from beginning to end.

  • Our solutions allow your parents and students to do their shopping anytime, anywhere.

For Parents

  • Our various services make shopping for your children's uniforms, planning their daily school meals, getting tickets to their events super quick.

  • Services are available all the time at any location as long as you have internet access

For Our Partners

  • Documents can be loaded easily as PDF on the web environment by the School Admin or teacher.

    • Schools and sports organizations around the country are collaborating with us to get you the most accessible, low cost, but effective solutions & services you need.